PEU Bodies

A specialised piece of kit for a demanding task working in all types of conditions. Built with complete customer involvement using our cad/cam system. All chassis space can be utilised to be able to carry all your equipment to the usually remote workplace. Manufactured using quality hard wearing materials for longevity. The Autoguide Auger is a proven workhorse of this type of work. A hydraulic front mounted winch to assist in self recovery if the need arises, can also be used for straight line pulling.



  • 18t 4×4 Chassis Remote Operated HMF 1463 Z2
  • Crane With Auger Attachment
  • Steel Body with Aluminium Side Doors
  • Hard wearing phenolic floor
  • Front mounted hydraulic winch to help aid in-line pull work and self recovery
  • Specially designed operator access steps to minimize accidents
  • Front and Rear Pole Gantry with Serated Edge To Grip Poles
  • Rear Mounted Hose Reels For Various Tools
  • Chassis Mounted Toolboxes And Specialised Tool Compartments.