Street Lighting

Working closely with local authorities and contractors we are able to provide a vehicle which is tailored to your teams needs and working procedures.

Safety is of the utmost concern and the Kinshofer pole manipulator makes positioning and removal of lamp posts and telegraph poles able with more control.

Full LED safety lights are electric circuit friendly and offer prolonged working life compared to similar bulb type lights. Compressor system fitted with hose reels fitted at various points around the vehicle to allow remote use of air tools.

Behind cab gantry provides cab protection and detachable rear gantry protects rear door.

A feature that can be adapted to this application is the extending rear body which allows the use of a short vehicle in confined streets.

Various stowage lockers can be fitted for tools and PPE.



  • MAN 4×2 Chassis ( Customer Spec )
  • Radio Remote Palfinger PK12502 Crane
  • Cab Mounted Remote With Not Stowed Warning
  • Extension Ram Protection
  • Kinshofer Pole Manipulator
  • Front Gantry
  • Sliding Rear Body For Long Pole Stowage
  • Two Handed Operation Minimizing Crush Hazard
  • Compressed Air System
  • Hose Reels For Air Operated Tools
  • Stowage Boxes
  • Handwash Unit
  • LED Lighting To Customer Spec