Massey in a Minute – Peter Whitnear

October 29, 2019

In 2011, Peter Whitnear left his 20-year long career in landscaping to join Massey Trucks Engineering as a Senior Storeman, where he manages the company’s entire stock control.

We sat down with Peter to find out why he still enjoys working at Massey almost nine years later.

I came to Massey because I wanted something less manual and this job was a good fit. I like for everything to be perfect, a skill transferred from my landscaping days. Working in the storeroom lets me do that – and it has improved my memory, too! I enjoy the job and I want to do it well, so I make sure I learn what I need in order to do that – whether that’s a new part, new truck body or new customer.

As Senior Storeman, Peter works in a team of two and is responsible for stock and control of all goods, keeping records of items going in and out of stores and arranging transport when needed. Peter also played a large role in developing how our stores are managed.

Over the years I have made changes and implemented systems to make the stores run as efficiently and accurately as possible. It has made the whole process a whole lot simpler, and that’s something I am proud to have achieved. Everything runs a lot smoother. It’s still not perfect but we continue to aim for perfection.

Peter’s optimistic attitude towards his work and enthusiasm to learn and develop has played a key aspect in overcoming these challenges and subsequently has allowed the company to continue running seamlessly. And we were not surprised when Peter told us his favourite thing about Massey were the people!

My favourite part of this job has to be the atmosphere. Everyone who works here is great; always willing to help. Everyone will help without hesitation if you ask, and because of that team spirit and attitude you don’t mind helping other people in return.

We would like to say a big thank you to Peter for taking the time to share his story with us.

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