Massey in a Minute – Rea Smith

December 18, 2019

For the past five years Rea Smith has been the face of Massey Truck Engineering; from welcoming new and long-term customers to the site, to booking trucks and trailers in for testing, and beyond.

As a receptionist, Rea provides a friendly, streamlined and memorable experience for visitors and employees alike, but we were curious to know what it’s like to be on the other side of the reception desk.

I’ve always enjoyed working with people; for a couple of years after school I worked in sales before finding employment as a social worker with Sheffield Council. I stayed there for a while, but the hours weren’t always very reliable, so I had a look at what other jobs were out there and came across a job at Massey. 

I’d say I’m quite friendly; always smiling, and I get on well with the team, so from the beginning it was a nice fit.

Rea is the only receptionist currently working at Massey Truck Engineering, but despite being a team of one she continues to push herself and welcomes the opportunity to learn and take on new responsibilities.

My day-to-day can vary a lot. I could be answering the phones, processing invoices and chasing money. I get involved with a lot of admin at the company, such as filing or booking crane tests, and I also spend plenty of time with our customers.

Rea’s enthusiasm to learn and develop has resulted in an extensive knowledge of the company and its processes, which allows her to autonomously assist a customer with their questions or bookings.

But working as part of Massey’s administration team can be difficult, juggling various deadlines and keeping the wheels of the business turning. It’s no surprise that Rea’s most enjoyable part of the job is the people and customers she works with.

There are customers who have been coming to Massey for years and over time you get to know them personally. As with any friend It’s always great to see them and a nice addition to the day.

A big thank you to Rea for taking the time to share her Massey story with us.